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Sudoku: how to play?

In Sudoku online, the game field is divided into nine parts, each part is divided into 81 cells. Some of these cells are randomly filled with numbers from 1 to 9.

The player is required to fill the empty cells with numbers from 1 to 9 so that in each row, in each column and in each small 3x3 square, each number would appear only once.

There is a menu button in the upper left corner near the playing field, which will help you start playing Sudoku again. There are two indicators under the playing field:

Cells - Determines how many open cells are on the page and how many more need to be placed.

Time - shows the duration of the game. When you click on an empty cell, a new field opens with numbers that you can insert. If the selected number turned out to be incorrect, press X in this window and it will disappear.

Free Sudoku easy is one of the most popular entertainment on the net today. Thanks to Sudoku, any player can try their hand at an entertaining and logic-developing puzzle that can significantly improve your mental abilities. Since its inception, online Sudoku has created stable competition with the most popular logic games, as you can see for yourself right now. With the advent of smartphones, online Sudoku has taken its rightful place among the most popular and the number of its fans is constantly growing.

Sudoku is a puzzle in the form of a square of 9 by 9 cells, each of which contains a number from 1 to 9. There cannot be identical numbers in one column, row or square 3 by 3. Initially, only a fraction of the numbers are known. The challenge is to find the missing. All Sudoku are always correctly composed and have one correct solution. Take this challenge of logic right now and see for yourself how much you can handle this game.

Free web Sudoku is played today by people of all ages. It is noteworthy that the Sudoku game is capable of evoking very positive emotions. This is due to the fact that after very concentrated reflections, the moment finally comes when all the numbers have been solved. Beginners should first choose the simpler Sudoku levels, and then, little by little, move on to complex ones. Once upon a time, Sudoku could only be found in magazines and newspapers, but today you can visit our site and easily play Sudoku online at any time. You don't need to download or install anything for this.

Sudoku is exactly that hobby with which time passes imperceptibly. In addition, the game significantly improves the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Sudoku is great for killing time in transport or at leisure.

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